Online Gambling is popular all over the world and India is not an exception. Yes online gambling is legal in India. After having had a very skeptical look on gambling in the past, the country is even starting to open up to the traditional offline gaming. Some states in India, like Daman, Sikkim and Goa have completely legalized all forms of gambling. It is probably just a matter of time before the rest of the country follows their path.

The actual status of gambling is quite confusing in India. Online casino games such as online slots, poker and blackjack have large number of fans and players around the country. There is a plethora of online casinos where the players in India can bet and wager legally. These gambling rules is not exclusive to casino games. Cricket is the most loved sport and famous among sports betting fans. So, online sports betting is also available to the players.

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The Public Act of 1867

Is gambling legal? Legal casino and betting in India

So, to the question if online gambling is legal or not. The Indian Public Act 1867 explains everything about Indian gambling laws. The state-level legislation is framed by some states in India to allow legalized gambling. This legal act is the reason for much of the confusing regarding online gambling in India. Since it dates back to the 1800’s, it was obviously written long before the internet. Due to this, the law does not mention online gambling at all. What this results in, is that even if the laws are strict on traditional betting and bring & mortar casinos, it is not applicable on gambling websites.

Most recent years, the Indian government has been losing up a lot on the strictness regarding gambling. Several states have been seeing a lifted ban. Goa was the first state to do frame the laws initially that allows slot machines in hotels and subsequently to allow fully operational casinos. The state is now a home to several land-based casinos and a number of cruise ship casinos. It has become a very popular tourist destination partly because of this. Sikkim was the next state to legalize gambling and currently host two land-based casinos. Sikkim is also holding a credit for the legalization of online gambling in India.

This of course is a very natural development for gambling in India. Online gambling is only increasing in popularity around the world. There is a demand for entertainment and gambling in India, and right now most Indian states are giving away this market to foreign companies. Gamblers have to visit online casinos in order to enjoy the games. In time, we think the Indian government will realize this and instead introduce a legal license for the online casinos. This way, all forms of gambling in India would be legal, but also regulated and taxed, and the money returned to the Indian economy.