There’s something unique about placing that first bet in Live Betting, its an addictive adrenalin that rushes over you. Feel your heart beat faster as the players rush down the field knowing that at any moment your ‘bets can come true’! Pre-match betting is a thing of the past once you have made the switch to live betting. The game-changing moments and the unfathomable odds that present themselves in-play that are completely unpredictable and exhilarating.

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Pre-Match Betting

The main differences are quite obvious, creatures of habit typically prefer pre-match betting and even set up reoccurring bets like a set it and forget it routine. Another reason players typically choose pre-match betting is because they are unable to watch the games live however with the latest advancements in live betting technology live streaming on the go has become incredibly easy to tap into. Although many platforms now offer live stats on players, teams and games pre-match betting has become stale. It is becoming increasingly more challenging to wager higher bets when everyone already has the facts and games are more predictable which is why Live betting has become more popular for Indian players.

Live Betting

Gaming technology enhancements like live streaming and live statistical updates from your mobile makes the live betting components much more attractive and arguably easier than pre-match betting, you now have full control of the game and the deciding factors considerably change each play and/or quarter. The best players develop solid in-play / live betting strategies to maximise their profitable odds and diversify their online betting portfolio across multiple games/events.

Strategies to use in Live Betting

Live betting isn’t a slot machine it takes practice, deep consideration and tactfulness and the best players always develop a winning strategy before they even start wagering. There are a few key basics that players use to create their winning strategy the first is investing in the right technology ie. online gambling platform and the second is knowing the game.

Investing in the right platform

As a starting point, new Live Betting players should first invest in the basic needs for in-play betting. Players must do their research to find the best and safest platform to start live betting on, ensuring the platform offers all of your favourite sports games and tournaments, looking for a platform which offers an intuitive mobile app to play on-the-go and looking for key live betting reward offers to increase your odds and capitalising on bigger wins/bonuses.

Know the Game

Think like a coach and build your winning teams. Who are your star players? Who are the top-ranking teams? Who are the strongest offensive and defensive players to ensure you have selected the best odds on each side of the playing field?

Know your limits

Once you have created your ‘fantasy team’ you need to set your Live Betting Goals and limits. Known when to take risks and know the wagering amount in every step of the game.